3 Musts for Medium to Large Sized DogsSome people love small dogs, but others love 'em big. If you have a medium to large dog, you will have a good companion, a great guardian, and a pet who truly stands out—but you will also have some extra challenges. Here are three musts that every larger dog needs:

  1. Sentinel – Sentinel is one of the best flea treatments available. Sentinel for dogs 51-100 pounds contains a dose that is appropriate for most medium to large dogs; check your dog's weight to make sure! These tablets are chewable and come in a flavor that dogs love, so all your canine friend knows is that you're giving them a treat. However, the active ingredients in Sentinel have numerous beneficial effects. The main draw is that they prevent flea eggs from hatching, meaning that current flea infestations gradually disappear and future infestations are prevented. But these tabs also help prevent heartworm disease, and they control hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms in dogs as well. That means you can let your large dog get all of the outdoor exercise they need without worrying.

  2. Enough space – How much space does a dog need? It's all relative to the size of the dog. Generally, medium to large dogs are not going to be a good choice if you live in a small apartment unless you will be able to give the dog plenty of at-home attention and lots of outside time. Similarly, kennel training your dog is fine, but has to be balanced with plenty of exercise. Giving the dog free access to a fenced yard is ideal, but remember that there is no substitute for personal attention. Big dogs may want a lot off exercise, but at least some of that time needs to be play time with their owner.

  3. Good "other animal" etiquette – Socializing is a big deal that many dog owners forget, but as a dog gets bigger, this becomes even more important. There's nothing worse than a big dog that doesn't understand its own strength, especially around smaller pets. A dog may think it's just being friendly, but that doesn't mean that cats or smaller dogs will appreciate the gesture. You can help your dog learn good manners by socializing them with other dogs as a puppy, introducing them to a cat or two at a young age, or getting them proper obedience training.

What else do medium to large dogs need?

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