puppy and kitten holidayAre you decking the halls with boughs of holly because 'tis the season to be jolly? The holidays are here and while you dash through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, consider taking your pets along for the ride! There is no better time of year to include your pets in holiday festivities you have planned because they can add some more joy to your holidays. Check out some great ideas for holiday traditions that are pet-friendly!

Holiday Photo Shoot

If you send out holiday greeting cards to friends and family, consider a photo shoot with your pets - you can even dress them up with antlers and pet sweaters for some extra holiday cheer! Additionally, it’s always a cute idea to have them sit with Santa if you really want an entertaining photo. Check with your local ASPCA or animal shelter; some will offer pet photo shoots with Santa, and the proceeds help them with their operation costs.

Winter Wonderland Walks

This holiday tradition is geared more towards dog owners because dogs are more willing to go on walks and car rides. Check out pet-friendly holiday walking or drive-through tours that feature house displays and lit decoration trails. It's the perfect way to spend a night among shimmering light displays. Various places around the country have themed tours, such as Hershey Park's Christmas Candyland in Pennsylvania or Christmas Town in North Carolina. A quick search online will help you to find local events in your area!

Shop With A Companion

Some pet stores, and even regular retail stores, allow customers to bring in their furry friends to shop with them. This is fun and you may be able to shop for pet gifts with your pup or cat right next to you. Just be sure to check the store policies because they can vary from store to store.

Fill Their Stockings

If you hang traditional holiday stockings in your home, include a stocking for your cat or dog. You can fill them with a variety of pet-appropriate items, from toys to treats. It is a fun way to incorporate them into your own gift-opening activities under the Christmas tree. Things like medications for dogs, supplements for cats, pet grooming supplies and many other items can easily fit into any sized stocking!

New Year's Resolution

As the winter holidays come to an end, you have one more tradition can include your pets – New Year's Resolutions! While your own resolution might include the popular goal of becoming more fit and healthy, make it your pets' resolution too. Every pet can benefit from a healthier lifestyle and you can help them shape up in 2016 with more exercise, leaner diets and vitamins.

Are you ready to boost your holiday spirit by including these traditions with your pets?