How Advantage Flea Treatment for Cats Works Cats are amazing companions. Smart, independent, cuddly and lovable, there is no substitute for having a cat jump up in your lap in the evening or rub up against your legs in the morning. But if there is one problem that is the bane of every cat owner's existence, it's fleas. From the indoor/outdoor cat who brings them home regularly to the house cat who manages to find them in the strangest places, a few fleas can quickly become hundreds, affecting both your cat's happiness and your own. That's why products like Advantage flea treatment for cats exist, but flea control wasn't always so easy.

For many years, the only way to treat fleas was through difficult measures like baths and dips (which cats hate) and pills (which they may hate even more). What's worse, flea treatments acted slowly, and your whole house had to be cleaned and de-flead or the little parasites would just come right back. Advantage flea treatment for cats helped change that.

Advantage was one of the first flea medications to offer an effective topical treatment that owners can easily administer themselves. In other words, instead of a bath or a pill, Advantage is just a small dose of gel that is applied to the cat's neck between the shoulders, where they cannot lick it off. Advantage is then absorbed through the neck skin and circulates throughout the whole body, essentially "flea proofing" your cat for weeks at a time. Unlike other topical applications, it isn't just a preventative—it can kill fleas quickly.

While these days there are many other topical flea treatments, Advantage remains one of the best because it contains two active ingredients. The most recent formula, Advantage II, packs a powerful one-two punch:

  • Imidacloprid kills adult fleas, fast – This is the main active ingredient and it paralyzes and kills adult fleas. The fleas do not even need to bite your cat—simply by coming in contact with a treated cat, they are affected by imidacloprid and die within 12 hours. That means that all the fleas on your cat die within a day of treatment and other fleas in the house have their days numbered.

  • Pyriproxyfen stops eggs – Female fleas can still lay eggs before they die, but if they've come in contact with Advantage, those eggs will never hatch. Pyriproxyfen is a growth regulator that renders flea eggs inert, meaning your personal flea colony won't last much longer.

Advantage is by no means the only effective flea treatment out there, but its fast results make it one of the best. Have you used Advantage II for cats? How did it work?