There are millions of canines that need to be adopted in the country right now, but some people can’t resist the allure of a puppy.  Puppies are adorable, young, curious, and occasionally easy to train, so it’s easy to see why so many people decide to adopt puppies to raise them as their own.  You should always look for health issues when you’re looking for a pet, but it’s especially important for young animals.  You want to be able to identify any health issues that could be affecting your future pet.  If you’re going to be getting a puppy soon, be sure to look for these signs of being a good health.

Begin checking out your dog by examining their head.  Their nose should be cool and moist, excessive nasal discharge or sneezing could be a sign of a cold or a respiratory health problem.  Also look into to their eyes to see if they’re excessively watery or have crust around them, they could also be a sign of a health problem.

Check to see if your puppy has the correct bite.  Most breeds have a scissors bite, where the upper incisors slightly overlap the lower ones.  Others have an even bite, where the incisors meet edge to edge.  Also be sure to take a look at their gums.  Their gums should be pink and free of sores, if they’re pale it could be a sign of an intestinal parasite.

Your dog’s coat should be glossy and free of crust and sores.  Check to see if your puppy has any ticks or fleas on their fur.  See if the dog has any “hot spots”, areas of skin that have been scratched to the point of irritation.  Excess scratching and inflamed skin could be a sign of mites, fleas, and even skin parasites like mange or ringworm. 

Words of Advice
If you notice that the puppy you want to adopt has signs of potential health problems, don’t panic.  Many of these problems can be fixed with the proper medicine and medical attention.  Flea and tick infestation is common and shelters and can be easily taken care of with dips and other medications.