Exercising with your dog keeps you both active and happyWhen dog owners learn about their pet's joint problems some don't know what to do.  Since multiple injuries to dog joints could lead to other problems like torn ACLs and osteoarthritis some owners immediately start to overhaul their dog's lifestyle.  Some pet owners try to drastically decrease their dog's physical activities once they find out they have joint problems, but they should be aiming to change their dog's activities instead of stopping them altogether.  Joint supplements for dogs can only do so much to help their joint health; your dog needs regular exercise that's easy on their problem areas.  Exercise for dogs with joint problems isn't too different from exercise for regular dogs, there are just a few things that need to be done differently. 
Check the Weather
Your aunt who swore that her knees always acts up when it rains may not have been imagining things, humidity, air pressure, and other weather phenomena can sometimes affect joints.  If your dog seems a little listless during raining dogs don't push exercise and let them relax.  Try to avoid vigorous outdoor activities after heavy rains, the muddy ground could make it difficult for your dog to balance and walk properly.  Also remember that dogs are susceptible to heat stroke and frostbite just like their owners are, so before you take your dog outside to exercise make sure that you have good weather. 
Schedule Walks
Most dog owners already have a walking schedule for their dogs, but you may need to tweak it a little after you find out that your dog has joint problems.  Start to schedule 10-15 minute walks each day to get your dog used to walking, and over time you can gradually increase their walk times.  If you stick to your walking schedule and give your dog the proper nutrition, you could have your dog easily walking for over an hour in a few months.
Get Wet
There's a reason why seniors flock to the pool in your gym, water exercises are effective yet gentle on aging joints.  This low impact activity could be the exercise your dog needs to stay fit and give its joints a good work out.  A few laps in the shallow end could replace some of your weekly walks.