The holiday season is the time of year when we give gifts to those we know and love to show how much we take care about them. Although your pets might not have an idea of what Christmas or Hanukah is, they will certainly appreciate a gift as well. Your pets give you unconditional love, so why not give them a token of your love and appreciation as well?


There are many types of gifts out there you can provide your cat or dog. From a cat tower to a stack of dog biscuits, you have no shortage of pet gift ideas to consider. As a vet supply company, we would encourage you to consider the wellness of your pet and choose pet supplies that will keep them feeling their best.


Here are a few of our favorite products currently available in our e-commerce store:


Daily Care Skin and Coat Spray: While your cat does do a good job of cleaning him/her self, there are wellness sprays out there that will ensure they have the healthiest skin and fur coat possible. This spray is made with all natural ingredients like aloe and oatmeal, and it is designed to cleanse and moisturize your cat’s skin and coat. It is safe to use with your topical flea and tick treatment, and it perfect for in-between washes.


Herbal Worm Powder for Your Dog: Worms are no fun for you nor your dog. This supplement is available to help your dog fight against potential worms and other parasites to ensure your dog enjoys his/her time this holiday season. This deworming formula allows your dog to have a healthy bowel and, when combined with preventative medicine, will create a better intestinal environment to fight against parasites.


Dog Power Dust to Prevent Against Wounds: Your dog already has a miraculous internal system to protect against wounds. This product will provide the added support in the case of an emergency. It is made with comfrey, capsicum, flax seed, boneset, lobelia, marshmallow, plantain, slippery elm, yarrow, shepherds purse, goldenseal, and all other natural ingredients. In the event that your pup gets hurt, this product is sure to help as you seek emergency veterinary care.


We hope you find these and other products we offer an amazing source of gifts this holiday season to ensure your pet remains safe and healthy. Visit our store today to explore these and other products.