In many parts of the country, winter is a bitterly cold season with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. While you may know the importance of keeping yourself protected during the season, it's equally important that you ensure your pet remains warm and healthy as well. 
You can help your pet stay happy and healthy during the cold winter months by following these simple guidelines. 

Keep your pets indoors

The best way to keep your pets safe during the winter season is to keep them indoors. When the temperatures drop, don't leave your animals outside. Also keep in mind that regardless of the temperature, wind chill can pose a threat to your pet's life. If your pet is shorthaired, you should purchase a sweater or coat for them to wear when going outside. 

When you do take your dog out, avoid keeping them there for long periods of time

While your dog may love running around in the snow, be cautious of the amount of time they spend outside. Dogs are susceptible to frostbite on their ears, tail and feet. Be sure to check your dog's body temperature and make sure that they aren't shivering when outside. When your dog comes inside from being out in the snow, you should towel or blow-dry them and clean their paws, too. This helps prevent any minor cuts. If your dog's paws seem rough, you may want to put a little bit of petroleum jelly on them to soften the pads and prevent any cracking. 


Keep your pets hydrated and nourished

If your pet spends time outdoors, you need to give them plenty of water and food, since keeping warm requires more energy. You should check routinely on your pet's water to ensure it is fresh and increase their food intake. 

Protect their paws from the salt

While we use salt to melt snow and ice for our own protection, the salt can irritate your pet's paws. If you pet walks on salted areas, you should wash and wipe their paws with a towel. Keep in mind that pets lick their paws to clean them and the salt can make its way into their mouth, causing irritation. 

Keep your pet away from antifreeze

Because of its smell, antifreeze can actually attract pets. Of course, it's a deadly poison, so it's crucial to keep this as well as other de-icing chemicals away from your pet. Should you accidentally spill any, be sure to clean it up immediately. 

Groom your pet regularly

One way your pet can stay warm is by having a clean coat. Grooming them regularly promotes even, healthy growth and stronger fur -- all good for withstanding the cold. If you have a shorthaired pet, as stated above, you should invest in a coat or sweater. 

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