A sick pet can be a scary occurrence. Your first thought might be to call your vet, which makes sense. And if you suspect that something really is wrong, this is certainly a good idea. However, to prevent future occurrences and to give your pet the best quality of life – not to mention save on your vet bill, there are things you can do that don't require a vet's assistance.
1. Overweight pets go to the vet more often
Just as in humans, obesity in your pets does damage to them that could eventually cause problems that would require a visit to the vet. So do your best to keep your animal in shape or help them lose weight. This starts with not feeding them table scraps and finding a good pet food with a solid protein base, and it continues with keeping them active.  Daily walks are good for everyone!
2. Do the routine stuff
Not that pets are like cars, but most people will do the routine maintenance on their cars to keep them running longer. Oil changes, tune ups, things like that (We aren’t so good to our own bodies, so cars seem like a better analogy).  Pets have annual checkups too, and taking advantage of them could help identify things earlier, which could end up saving you money in the long run.
3. You don’t need your vet for supplies
It’s not the same as going to the doctor and asking for a prescription (sometimes).  There are a few different veterinary supply companies out there that will ship to you what you need. That does require that you know precisely what it is you need, but in most cases they’ll deliver to you. Since Vet Supply Source is a division of J & B Medical Supply, we’ve been around this block before.  
There are other things to look into like bartering with your vet and considering pet insurance, but these will get you started.  We love our pets, and we always want what’s best for them. It’s just that we also realize they can be quite expensive. Hopefully these tips will head you down a road to still maintain great health for your pet as well as save you some money on those vet bills.