With the Polar Vortex and plenty of snow across the U.S., winter is in full swing. This can be much to your dog's dismay, especially if he or she is arthritic. Just like with people, arthritis pain in dogs can be amplified in the cold weather, and by this point in the winter, your pets are probably sick and tired of it! There are a few ways you can give your dog relief from his cold-weather aches -- give them a try!
When there's snow or ice on the ground, it can be difficult to get your pup the daily exercise he needs. However, lack of exercise could actually be contributing to the pain he's feeling. Don't worry -- even arthritic dogs love playing in the snow, if only for a few minutes, so be sure to let them run around in the backyard or at the doggy park for at least a few minutes per day. If you feel it's just too cold to go for a walk, even going up and down the stairs in your home is better than nothing.
If the vet is aware that your dog has arthritis, then he or she has probably already prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroid. You can easily order joint meds for dogs online. Some trusted brands include FidoFlex and SynoviG3.
As you can probably assume, being exposed to the cold for prolonged periods of time can cause arthritis flare-ups. After you take your dog outside -- or even if the inside of your house is particularly drafty -- be sure to warm him up by putting plenty of blankets on his bed and keeping him moderately close to a heat source, such as a vent. Many people find it useful to wrap their dogs in clothing before going outside as well -- there are plenty of stylish dog vests and coats online!
Alternative Healing
Alternative healing practices are becoming just as popular for pets as they are for dogs. For example, pet acupuncture is becoming a more widely-used method for treating joint pain. Many veterinarians recommend that if your dog has sore joints, you can give him a massage for a few minutes each day. The increased blood flow and relaxed muscles help to ease some of the pain.
Spring seems so close, yet so far away from dogs who suffer from aches during the colder months. With these tips and tricks, you can help make it a bit more bearable until warmer weather finally arrives!