Having a pet can be a source of great joy and happiness for many people. There’s nothing like a soft, loyal friend curling up in your lap, or acting overjoyed to see you every time you return home. Sometimes, spending time with a pet can be the best part of your day! But pet ownership is also a responsibility, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips to simplify your life by streamlining your pet’s care. 
Tip #1: Invest in a stockpile of online veterinary supplies
Most pet owners don’t think twice about buying large stashes of their pet’s food, and most would never run out of litter. But what about all the other things your pet needs on a regular basis? Flea and tick prevention, grooming gear, and vitamins and medications are all things you will need—so why not stock up? Buying online veterinary supplies saves you a trip to the pet store and gives you the peace of mind of knowing you have exactly what your pet needs.
Tip #2: Prepare for the inevitable
Eventually, your pet may get an injury and need some kind of wound care. What if it happens late at night or on a weekend, when your vet or the local pet store is closed, or during foul weather when it's unsafe to venture out for supplies? Why not plan ahead? Look online for veterinary supplies that you know you will need one day for a scraped paw or other injury. Having a hurt pet is no fun, but you can plan ahead to make this probable occurrence a little less stressful for yourself.
Tip #3: Stick to schedules
You probably have a regular feeding schedule for your furry friend. But what about all the other things that need to be done regularly, like monthly application of flea and tick prevention, weekly (or more often!) grooming and teeth brushing, or annual vet visits? Mark all these things on your calendar so you will know what’s coming and not have to wonder when you last brushed Fido.
Tip #4: Have a back-up plan
What will you do with your cat if you decide to go out of town for a weekend? Who will walk your dog if you have to work late unexpectedly? Have a contingency plan—or better yet, have several. Know at least one local kennel or pet-sitter. Have the number of a neighbor or friend who can step in and help out with your pet, if necessary—and make sure this person has access to your home and knows what your pet needs.
What else do you do to make pet care simpler?