Cat owners do a lot to make sure that their feline friend is getting the nutrition that it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  From buying vitamins for cats to reading the back of every cat food label, it's clear that loving cat owners do whatever they can to make sure that their kitty has the nutrients that it needs.  If you want to make sure that your cat is getting the best nutrients for its needs, follow these essential feline dietary tips.
Tip #1: Realize that substances that are beneficial for humans can be harmful for cats.
Some pet owners may take garlic supplements to boost their heart health, but if you gave your cat a garlic supplement you'll be doing a lot of harm to them.  It's important for pet owners to realize that cats have special nutrient needs, and that some things that can be good for humans can be harmful for cats.  When you're choosing vitamins and supplements for your cat, avoid these:
·         Garlic
·         Onion
·         Calcium
·         Vitamin D
·         Vitamin C
Tip #2: Make sure that your cat is getting enough taurine
Amino acids are essential in a cat's diet, and taurine may be the most important amino acid your cat can get.  If your cat doesn't have enough taurine in their diet, the deficiency can lead to blindness, dilated cardiomyopathy, and other serious health conditions.  Luckily for cat owners, most pet food manufacturers already add a significant amount of taurine to their products.  If you suspect that your cat may not be getting enough of it, talk to your vet to see if they can recommend taurine-rich food and treats.
Tip #3: Watch your cat's weight
You've been hearing about how obesity is a growing problem for adults, but there aren't too many people who are talking about the obesity problems our pets are facing.  A study done by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that over 50% of cats were either obese or overweight.  Obese and overweight animals can have the same problems obese and overweight humans can develop like diabetes and heart disease.  If your cat looks like they could lose some weight, talk to your vet so you can figure out the best weight loss plan.