Flea and tick problems are some of the most common pest problems pet owners face.  The warm weather people have been experiencing has made contracting fleas and ticks much easier, and there are going to be millions of pet owners who will be doing battle with the blood sucking pests all summer.  Nothing takes care of fleas and ticks like an effective preventative treatment, but there are other simple things owners can do to protect their furry friends from these parasites this summer.
Get Creative With Your Kitchen
There are a few things in your kitchen that can help you protect your pet from fleas and ticks.  Some people will tell you to use garlic to repel fleas, but using it would be very hazardous to your pet’s health.  While it’s true that garlic can repel fleas, the common seasoning can be toxic for both cats and dogs.  Instead of using garlic, try using different house hold ingredients and garnishes to help your pets.  A small bit of brewer’s yeast mixed in with your pet’s food can help repel fleas. Citrus has also been known to repel fleas, and rubbing a freshly cut orange or lemon on your pets fur will leave their bodies flea free and their fur smelling great (don’t worry, citrus won’t harm your pet in case they lick it off).
Give Them a Bath
There’s no doubt that the chemicals in common flea bath products help kill fleas, but the real danger to fleas in the tub isn’t the wash, it’s the water.  Fleas latch on to your pets by gripping their hair, and when your pet goes into water fleas fall off the hair and drown.  You could still choose to give your pet a flea bath, but a regular bath with gentle shampoo could work just as well.
Dress For The Occasion
Ticks love to hang out in areas that are full of tall grass, and when your dog goes exploring in woodsy or un-mowed areas they’re exposed to the parasite.  If you’re going to be taking your dog on a walk near a very grassy or woodsy area, you should consider putting them in a little clothing.  An old t-shirt can be altered to fit your dog’s body, and if you cut out the feet in your old socks you’ll have some excellent leg protectors.  This won’t be able to completely prevent ticks from getting on your dog, but the layer of clothing will make it very difficult for them to latch on to their fur.