July 31st is National Mutt Day, but we think that mutts deserve our love every day. Unfortunately, medium and large-sized mutts represent the largest percentage of dogs that are euthanized, which is a shame as mutts are great dogs to own. If you own a mutt, you already know how awesome these dogs can be, but we wanted to take a second and let everyone else in on the secret.


What Is a Mutt?


A mutt is a mixed breed dog. Mutts come in all shapes and size. They make up 75% of all dogs in shelters, and they are more likely to go un-adopted or become homeless than purebreds. National Mutt Day takes place on two dates, July 31st and December 2nd, to raise awareness about mutts and encourage the general public to adopt them at local shelters.


Why Should You Adopt a Mutt?


There are many more reasons to adopt a mutt than five, but we know you’re busy. If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, here are some great reasons why you should adopt a mutt:


You will have a dog like no other: No two mutts are the same. Mutts have unique fur colors and patterns, and their features will vary. If you want a dog that will turn heads and get compliments on walks or at the dog park, adopting a mutt is the way to go.


Mutts are generally healthier: Mutts are made up from a diverse gene pool, so they are less prone to specific diseases that affect certain breeds. This means they are generally healthier and live longer.


Your mutt will be more flexible: Some purebreds have strong programming to be in a specific environment, have a well-defined temperament, and perform certain tasks. Mutts don’t have such strong programming, so they are more likely to be cool with a variety of different environments, making them the perfect housemate.


You will pay less to adopt a mutt: If costs are a concern, mutts are the way to go. You can adopt a mutt at a shelter for a few hundred dollars. A purebred could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.


You will be saving a life: As we mentioned mutts make up the majority of dogs in animal shelters. When you adopt a mutt, you are saving a life, so we can think of no stronger reason to bring a mutt into your home.


At Vet Supply Source, we have dog grooming supplies and more to keep your dog looking his or her best. We also carry flea and tick prevention for dogs to ensure your dog stays healthy. We guarantee that your mutt will appreciate it, and he or she will give you back so much more in kisses. We encourage you to learn more about National Mutt Day here.