Vet Supply Source Raises Awareness During National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month

Jill Metz



Vet Supply Source Raises Awareness During National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month

November is National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, and the national pet supply retailer Vet Supply Source is taking time this month to raise awareness about the disease. Many pet owners are shocked to learn that their cat or dog is able to contract diabetes, and this lack of awareness is causing problems for diabetic pets. The prevalence of pet diabetes has risen along with human diabetes rates, and awareness is the only way to prevent the numbers from climbing higher.

“Diabetes is on the rise in cats and dogs and is becoming increasingly common,” says Jill Metz, a Vet Supply Source representative, “If your cat or dog seems to be drinking or eating more than usual, has gained weight or is urinating more frequently than usual, your pet just may have diabetes. While the disease can be life-threatening if not kept under control, it is a manageable disease and understanding it is key to keeping your furry friend happy and healthy!”

Like in humans, diabetes can be managed with proper diet, exercise, and medication. Veterinarians can design an effective health plan that can help ensure that pets with diabetes are getting the care they need. Vet Supply Source carries a variety of pet supplies, and they carry the proper medical equipment pet owners need to care for their diabetic pets. Testing strips, glucose monitors, nutritional supplements, and other medical supplies can help keep pets happy and healthy.

“One of the most basic ways to control the diabetes is by monitoring the blood sugar levels through-out the day and administering insulin as needed,” Metz says, “This can be done with a pet glucometer and blood testing strips. Additionally, keeping your pet on a regular, healthy diet will also help regulate your pet’s weight and keep they sugar levels from going up into dangerous levels. With good monitoring and care, and the proper diabetic supplies for cats and dogs, your pet with diabetes can live a happy and long life.”

Vet Supply Source is a division of J & B Medical Supply Co. Inc. The company was started in Michigan over 10 years ago after their regular customers expressed their desire for a reliable source for purchasing veterinary supplies. Vet Supply Source supplies their customers with veterinary medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceutical products for highly competitive prices. The site also offers customers free shipping for certain products and competitive pricing on every item in stock. For more information on Vet Supply Source, visit or call (866)-471-5538